​    Fairy Garden: a gift to clients' little girls

​​​​Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.

-Alice Walker

Artfully made cutting boards from reclaimed wood. Let the spirit of the tree live on!



Garden PHD will bring a design aesthetic that fits into the homeowner's budget, lifestyle & comfort level

Base: $600, First 5 photos / $80 each additional photo  / Design Meetings: $55 per hour


Let Garden PHD help you with your project - DIY instructions for completing your garden, plant list and a full report of ideas included

$225 East, West and South - up to 40 miles


Onsite advice on planting, mulching, watering and pruning. Plant sourcing & placement; helping homeowners thru the process of creating their own garden. Great for the DIYer on a budget. Learn how to play a key role in the beauty that can be yours!
Homeowner has option to buy blocks of hours: $55 per hour plus required supplies

Aesthetic Pruning

Japanese Maple & Dwarf Conifer Enthusiast. Need care and pruning specific to your Japanese maple or conifer? Let Garden PHD care for your tree(s). Fourteen years' experience

$55 per hour​​

Bonsai Workshops, Re-potting, Pruning & Wiring Services

As a rule of thumb, Bonsai should be re-potted every 2-3 years. Proper pruning and wiring is also key to keeping your Bonsai healthy and looking its best. Let Garden PHD assist you in the creation and maintenance of this living art

Prices vary upon plant size, pot size and pruning/wiring time requirements 

Decorative Potted Trees 

Whether you need to dress up your patio or balcony, Garden PHD also specializes in planting and care of trees and shrubs grown in decorative containers

Prices vary

Deck, Patio or Balcony Design

Need a comfortable, yet functional place to relax? Don't know where to start?  MaryAnn will help you through the process of creating an inviting, relaxing atmosphere

Prices vary

Heartwood by Garden PHD 

Bringing Nature's beauty to daily living. Using live-edge wood & natural grain finishing techniques in custom designs. Whether you need a trellis, bench, or cutting board, Heartwood Creations will bring the spirit of locally, sustainably sourced wood to these artfully made products (December-March, August).

Made to order - Please contact MaryAnn via gardenphd.2015@gmail.com