Dedicated to Mastering the Art of Landscaping 

Want to work with a dedicated 

designer who offers creative solutions to your landscaping challenges? Look no further than Garden PHD.


Striving for excellence & bringing

homeowners closer to  peace and tranquility in their busy lives.

It all starts with an idea!

Have an IDEA? Great! Let Garden PHD help make your idea a reality that I am confident will go beyond your expectations. I am dedicated from start to finish, working diligently for you, the Homeowner. My satisfaction is knowing that you will LOVE YOUR GARDEN.


Maybe you only know that you want...something. That's all I need to go on. I offer 

consultation and design services. Give designer, MaryAnn Thesing, a feeling, a color, anything and she will design a solution that's equal parts beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain.


What I Offer

 Garden Design

  • Four-season Garden Design with a focus on low maintenance

  • Garden Coach

  • Japanese Maple & Dwarf Conifer Enthusiast

  • Aesthetic Pruning - Japanese Maples & Conifers up to 15'

  • Bonsai Workshops, Care and Maintenance

  • Decorative Container-grown Trees
Note: Items and Garden Centers listed as recommendations are based on personal experiences only. I am in no way affiliated and do not financially benefit from my recommendations.